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Love Food Love Preston 2016 with Gregg Wallace & Emmerdale’s Danny Miller

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The annual Love Food Love Preston promotion from Preston BID was launched on Saturday 30th July.

The month-long campaign, to highlight Preston’s food and restaurant offer, began with the Lancashire Market taking place on Friargate, followed later that evening by a ‘Dine with the Stars’ event.


Firms trading at the event included, Beechs Chocolates, a company with almost 100 year’s heritage in Preston.

The Lancashire Cookbook, a new publication showcasing the best recipes and places to eat in the county, was launched by BBC Radio Lancashire’s John Gillmore at the Market; featuring a section focussing on Preston’s growing and vibrant restaurant offer.

Friargate came alive with the sights, smells, colours and sounds of a street-market as families from across the county made Preston their ‘go to’ destination.

Later that evening, MasterChef’s Gregg Wallace and Emmerdale Actor Danny Miller visited eight Preston restaurants to enjoy meeting their customers and sampling the city’s tasty food offering, guests were ‘delighted’ to have the opportunity to meet and talk to the television personalities.   Alison Hedges from Lytham travelled to Preston specifically in the hope she’d meet one of the special guests; saying ‘I think it’s a great idea to do this, it’s brilliant.  I love eating out and it’s been a while since I’ve eaten out in Preston, it’s changed so much and I would safely say I’ll be back very soon’.


Gregg, a firm favourite on our TV screens said: “I thoroughly enjoyed the food and company in Preston, there are some great restaurants here; it’s one of the friendliest places I have ever visited and the people are just lovely’.

we were was once again on hand to capture the ‘Dine with the Stars’ event on behalf of Preston BID. You can see the full gallery here

Mark Whittle from Preston BID said: “The Lancashire Market has been a great event for the city, since it began back in 2010; it has attracted hundreds of thousands of people, many from outside of the locality.  The events are organised to attract additional customers to the city centre.  Whilst providing a great day for visitors, events such as these are vital to building relationships with customers who will support city centre businesses; it’s their investment that funds our work’.

Until 31st August people are being encouraged to try eating out in Preston city centre more often by taking advantage of specially created ‘Love Food Love Preston’ offers.

Simply visit and choose your special offer!



We strengthen our offering with Gavin joining the team

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Gavin has been taking photographs since he was a teenager, but became a full time professional photographer about 5 years ago, and for the last 2 years he ran the photo studio at Ribby Hall Village.

He loves taking photos of happy people with natural smiles whether it be in the studio or at weddings which he cover throughout the North West.

He can also help you if you need some commercial work either for your website, or just want to improve your profile pictures. Have a look at some of his images below!Sharlean-70-1024x683Sharlean-63-1024x683cottoncourt-24-1024x689 cottoncourt-43-1024x683 cottoncourt-90-1024x649


Dress to impress

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Wearing nice outfits and having personal props makes all the difference while having your photoshoot. It shows off your personality, and just makes your images look a lot better!

We advise that when you have a photoshoot, you coordinate your outfits with the rest of the group. By doing this, you will complement each other, and not wash each other out on the images.


Now, this doesn’t mean wearing exactly the same outfits, or even the same colours, just wear patterns and colours that look great together. For example, black, white and silver go well together, as do light blue and green if you were going for something brighter.

If you choose to mix it up and wear some patterns, wear smaller patterns that aren’t too bold so it won’t hide you away. Also, don’t wear clothing that has large logos on.

While you want to look good and trendy in your photoshoot, the clothing you want to wear might not be so fashionable in a few years’ time. Hopefully, you will keep your pictures forever, so wear something that will look good in any year. Jeans are a classic, and look great any day. We do advise women to wear comfortable trousers or jeans rather than formal skirts or dresses as this keeps the photoshoot relaxed and means you are more able to move whilst posing for photographs.


Also, if you bring another change of clothes for the shoot, it will make the images look different and varied.

The main aim of a photoshoot, whether it’s family, new born or pet shoot, is to capture special moments. We want to capture the relationship and friendship of the group, but most of all we want the pictures to be natural looking, unique and personal.


A Lesson on Depth of Field and Lens Equivalents

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Here’s a new 18-minute educational video by Filmmaker IQ about the subjects of depth of field and its relationship to different lenses and sensor sizes. “Through some fundamental scientific demonstrations, we will clarify concepts like circle of confusion and lens equivalency,” the video says.

This latest video comes on the heels of equally informative lessons on the science of camera sensors, the history and science of lenses, and the features and properties of lenses. If you’re looking to wrap your mind around the math and science of fundamental photography concepts, these videos are a great place to start.

How to get kids to enjoy their photoshoot with us!

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Getting the kids ready and excited for a photoshoot can be hard to do when they aren’t in the mood. So, before having your photoshoot with us, read our tips below to well behaved children in the studio.
To help get your children excited about the photoshoot, let them (help them) choose their own outfits, so they feel a part of the day planned. If they are wearing clothes that they have chosen and like, they are more likely to participate in the photoshoot voluntarily, and also get some great images!
Changing in the studio:
As we have a changing room down in the studio, it is very simple to change outfits in the middle of your photoshoot. So make sure that the children bring different sorts of clothing and shoes. If all of a sudden, the little ones look bored and don’t want to concentrate, get them to change into their favourite outfit so they will keep entertained.
Bringing props:
At Cotton Studios, we advise that you bring your own props to make your images more personal. This means your children’s favourite items too. In the past, our customers have brought in things like cartoon characters, instruments, toys, and also footballs. If you bring your child’s favourite toy, it will help them to enjoy themselves throughout the shoot.

Pet time:
If you really wanted to personalise your images, you could even bring in your pet! This usually helps the children feel at home, and be themselves. We’ve had dogs; cats, rabbits, snakes and even a chameleon join us!
Happy Kids:
If your children are having fun, then your images will stand out and it will make them look even more special! Our talented photographers will give your children all of their attention, and help them enjoy their experience.

When You Combine a Ninja & with a Cameraman!

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Want to see what you get when you combine a ninja with a cameraman? Just look at Florian Hatwagner, a Vienna, Austria-based camera operator who goes by the name “gimbalninja” online.

“I’m an Austria based cameraman that specialises in operating a camera whilst running, jumping and leaping over obstacles,” he says.

Leg still messed up, so I bought these rings. First try #muscleup plus 20kg

A video posted by @gimbalninja on

The training pays off. Hatwagner has been attracting a great deal of attention online for these behind-the-scenes clips showing how he shoots extremely difficult shots that involve stunts like leaping headfirst through car windows and running across the tops of monkey bars.


GoPro’s Camera Drone to rival DJI quadcopter?

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GoPro just announced the name of its upcoming camera drone: Karma. The news was announced on the GoPro website and in a 1-minute teaser video posted to YouTube.

The GoPro Karma will be officially unveiled this year, and will be the action camera company’s first foray into the exploding drone market that’s currently dominated by the Chinese company DJI. A 2-minute video with footage from the drone was posted by the company back in October.

There Are Now 8x More People Taking Pictures

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Camera sales haven’t been doing too well in recent years, but that hasn’t kept picture taking from exploding. While the dedicated camera industry has seen year-on-year declines, smartphone photography has turned everyone into a casual photographer: there are now 8 times as many picture takers worldwide than there were 10 years ago.

That’s the figure Amateur Photographer is reporting based on a new report published by the market research company Futuresource Consulting, which surveyed 4,251 people in 6 countries (USA, UK, France, Germany, Canada, and Australia).

The latest estimate is that there are now over 4 billion people taking pictures around the world, creating a staggering 1.2 trillion photos per year, the bulk of which are made by smartphone cameras. 79% of smartphone users regularly shoot with their phones, Futuresource found, but dedicated cameras do have attractive features that tempt people to upgrade — namely the larger sensors and larger lenses.

We shared last month how camera sales seem to have stabilized after a few years of sharp declines. Perhaps the next wave of growth is just on the horizon.


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We are very pleased to announce today. James at The Odd Chair Company decided the our team had successfully won the contract to photography their handcrafted furniture. The Odd Chair Company are a family run business established over 40 years ago. The family run business prides themselves on making the finest furniture and offering clients an exceptional service. The furniture is made passionately by time served craftsmen at their own workshops in the north west of England.

They offer a design service for both Interior Designers and private clients, produced from your own drawings or maybe just an idea you have.  However you wish to send an idea over they can create a unique design for you.

The company also specialises in replicating fine antique upholstery by hand making a chair or sofa from an original design to make an identical pair or a set
All furniture is manufactured at the workshops based at the head office, which also houses the timber workshop and fabric library


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We are really pleased to announce our photography club is growing from strength to strength each week! We had a brilliant session this week with the stunning Paulina Moñko. You might be wondering what we are talking about? Well below is an idea of what we’ve been up to………

A cool new Photography Club! based in the heart of Preston City Centre, within a former iron and wire mill which has now been transformed into Cotton Court Business Centre. The studios have been planned, designed and equipped by a team of technicians and photographers. We offer a complete state of the art photographic facility. We also have onsite secure parking.

Every Thursday we host a photography club with a difference! From 6pm until 10pm we are giving amateur photographers the chance to experience a professional studio environment with a variety of models and themes each week.


To book your place now or find out more please call: 01772 367 500